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We are an Accounting and Management Support Company, which in the last 10 years has grown continuously and sustainably, ensuring a high quality service to its customers. The quality of the service provided results from our team organization, continuous training of our employees and effective response to our clients.Thus, through the permanent advice given by our technicians, we provide financial and quality management information.We present periodic financial reports, structured according to the information needs of each client.



To be a national reference company in the accounting, taxation and management support sector.



It is our mission to provide a service that ensures compliance with all legal and tax obligations, defend our client against undue taxation and provide essential information for decision-making by company managers.



Rigor, Customer Orientation, Loyalty, Integrity, Social Responsibility and Transperency.

Our Services

We offer our clients, companies or individuals, a complete range of services so that they can concentrate on what is most important, their professional activity.


We provide services in our offices or on your company premises. As accounting is the main management tool, we organize accounting in order to respond to the information needs for the management of your company.

Management Support

Taking into account the information provided by the accounting organization, we prepare management reports that enable your companys management to make decisions more suited to your companys success.

Fiscal Support

We prepare and deliver the necessary tax returns for the proper functioning of your company. We frame your business in order to allow the best tax efficiency of your business.

Human resource Management

Monthly processing of remuneration of its employees. Advice and presentation of applications and incentives for hiring employees in accordance with current legislation.

Business Studies and Plans

Business Assessment (Diagnostics, Potentiality Analysis, Value Determination, Internal Control Assessment); Feasibility Studies.

Investment Projects - Applications:

We provide support throughout the investment process, from the application, and the underlying preliminary study, to the final execution of the project...

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